At Lionel Hotel, we value our commitment to sustainable tourism. We embrace sustainability principles to show our respect for the environment and protect natural resources on our planet. That's why we are constantly working to reduce our energy consumption, conserve water, and minimize waste production. Additionally, we support local economies, give back to communities, and reduce our environmental impact to help preserve natural habitats. We invite you to join us on our sustainability journey and help us create a positive impact for our planet as a part of the Lionel Hotel community.


As Lionel Hotel Istanbul, we are aware that we need to protect our planet, nature, and all living beings that coexist with us. Therefore, we operate with a Sustainability Policy and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint that harms the environment. As part of the Sustainability Policy, we believe in supporting our local producers and service providers and promoting inclusivity and diversity among our colleagues.

We are committed to reducing Lionel Hotel Istanbul’s ecological footprint by ensuring energy efficiency and proper water consumption. With this responsibility, we replace cleaning products containing harmful chemicals with eco-friendly products that are in harmony with nature,
implement a towel reuse program, hold meetings with a minimal carbon footprint, eliminate disposable plastics, and strive to minimize food waste.


We support local/regional development and employment.

We offer equal opportunities to all our employees by conducting performance analysis, including management positions, without discrimination in the employment, advancement and rewarding processes.

We respect our employees’ labor rights and follow them within the framework of legal regulations.

We support the abolishment of child labor.

We offer regular training to our employees to provide development and advancement opportunities.

We provide a healthy and safe working environment to our employees, and various facilities to submit requests, suggestions, and complaints. We contribute to the development of our management systems by evaluating the feedback received from our employees.

We aim to make occupational health and safety a part of our corporate culture by working with a zero-accident policy.

We value the participation of our relevant stakeholders and provide transparent information when implementing our policy.

We inform our guests and employees about the natural and cultural heritage of the local/regional area.

We evaluate all feedback from our guests and improve our processes accordingly.


While planning our investments; our buildings and infrastructure systems; We take into account the risks to protected sensitive areas, historical heritage, and the integrity of the natural and cultural environment.We prefer sustainable practices and materials that are suitable for the local/regional area in our work related to land use, construction, maintenance, repair, design, and landscaping.

When designing our buildings and concept, we consider the needs of guests and employees with special needs, and we adopt an accessible service approach for everyone. We contribute to the preservation and development of local/regional properties, areas, and traditions of historical, archaeological, cultural, and spiritual importance.

We evaluate and analyze the quality of products/services with users in procurement and act fairly, honestly, and impartially in supplier selection.

We respect human rights and reject any discrimination based on language, religion, race, gender, etc. We are against any kind of exploitation or harassment, whether commercial, sexual, or otherwise, directed towards protected groups and other vulnerable groups. We support measures against domestic violence and child abuse.



We continuously develop all of our processes in compliance with our fundamental values and the legal and other requirements we are obliged to follow.

We act in accordance with information security legislation and develop our processes accordingly.

We invest in technological systems through innovative studies that shape the industry.

We analyze potential risks in all of our business processes by taking into account our internal and external affairs, the needs and expectations of our relevant parties, and aim to obtain new opportunities by implementing a Risk Management Process. We aim to be a pioneer in the tourism industry towards sustainable development and create long-term value.

Contribute to continuous improvement of our processes related to preventing environmental pollution, preserving biodiversity, and protecting ecosystems.

Increase the use of renewable and clean energy.

Effectively use our natural resources and reduce water consumption.


Reduce waste at the source and ensure separation and recycling of waste in line with the zero waste principle.

Reduce chemical and pesticide consumption and choose products that are environmentally friendly.

Reduce our environmental impacts through effective risk analysis and seize new environmental opportunities.

Promote the use of environmentally friendly products.

Carry out planned activities to reduce negative environmental impacts from emergency situations.

Support our employees in contributing to the effectiveness of the Environmental/Energy Management System.

Increase awareness among our employees on significant environmental dimensions and impacts through training.

Make our environmental protection activities a part of our corporate culture.

Give priority to environmentally sustainable suppliers in supplier selection.

Inform and involve all relevant stakeholders in our environmental activities and principles.



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  • Receiving daylight
  • High ceiling
  • Fully equipped with state of the art technology
  • 10 meeting rooms at varying capacities
  • Smoking terrace
  • Delightful breaks